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Burgundy Red Ribbed 6cm Mens Slim Tie


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A splendid choice tailored for the modern man, this 6cm slim tie in a luxurious burgundy hue, adorned with subtle ribbing, epitomizes the ideal blend between slender and traditional width. It embodies timeless elegance, making it a versatile addition to any discerning wardrobe. This tie isn’t merely a fashion statement; it’s a symbol of refined taste and sophistication, appealing to individuals who appreciate the nuances of sartorial elegance.

The deep, regal burgundy shade lends an air of sophistication and richness to any ensemble, whether it’s for a formal gala or a stylish day at the office. The delicate ribbed texture adds an understated visual dimension while maintaining a sleek profile. This versatile accessory effortlessly complements a variety of shirts and suits, ensuring you exude an air of sophistication and confidence at any gathering. Embrace the fusion of classic and contemporary with this exceptional slim burgundy tie—a true reflection of the modern man’s impeccable sense of style.


Length: 150cm

Width: 6cm (at base)

Pattern: Ribbed

Material: Italian Satin

Model: BR21


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