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Green with Embossed Pinwheel Pattern Slim Tie


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Dress to impress with our eye-catching slim tie in a captivating shade of green, featuring a mesmerizing pinwheel pattern that’s bound to make it the center of attention at any gathering. Crafted from high-quality microfibre fabric, this tie offers more than just stunning aesthetics; it brings practicality to your attire as well.

Microfibre is often regarded as the synthetic counterpart to silk, and it boasts several advantages. Firstly, it’s remarkably stain-resistant, ensuring your tie remains impeccable even during the most eventful occasions. Secondly, microfibre maintains the elegant sheen and luxurious feel associated with silk, making it a fine choice for gentlemen who appreciate both style and substance.


Length: 145cm

Width: 7cm (at base)

Pattern: Pinwheel

Material: Microfibre

Model: XTGEPT21


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