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Lavender Lilac Boys Bow Tie


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Perhaps your son is going to be the page boy at a wedding and needs a little something to make him look the part. Then this lavender bow for juniors may be just the thing. Microfibre fabric is an excellent choice for boy’s bow ties for several reasons. Firstly, its soft and smooth texture ensures a comfortable fit, preventing any irritation or discomfort. Secondly, microfibre is highly durable and resistant to wrinkles, making it perfect for active boys who may be prone to rough handling. Lastly, microfibre is typically more affordable than other fabric options, providing excellent value for money.


Length: 4cm

Width: 9.5cm

Fits Neck Size: 20-35cm

Ideal for: 1-8 years

Pattern: Solid

Material: Microfibre

Model: LL08


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