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Men’s Royal Blue Tie


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This men’s royal blue tie is a top business colour that always impresses and is a smart choice, so the royal blue tie is an essential item in your wardrobe.


Length: 142cm

Width: 8.5cm (at base)

Pattern: Solid

Material: Microfibre

Model : RB01

Men’s Royal Blue Tie

The Men’s Royal Blue Tie is a striking addition to the modern gentleman’s wardrobe, exuding a sense of bold sophistication and timeless style. This vibrant tie, with its vivid royal blue shade, acts as a powerful statement of elegance and versatility, suitable for a myriad of occasions.

The bright, commanding color not only catches the eye but also conveys a sense of confidence and dynamism, making it perfect for both professional and social settings.

Whether tied in a sleek, slim knot for a contemporary edge or in a more substantial half-Windsor for formal affairs, the Men’s Royal Blue Tie elevates any ensemble. It transcends being merely an accessory; it’s a centerpiece that enhances the wearer’s individual style, marking him as a man of discerning taste and sophistication.

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