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White Paisley Ascot Cravat


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Texture Ties’ new white paisley ascot goes beyond mere accessories, epitomizing sophistication and refinement. This elegant piece, distinguished by its elaborate design and opulent fabric, enhances any formal ensemble. Perfect for weddings, galas, and high-end events, the paisley pattern radiates timeless allure, making it an ideal selection for the modern gentleman who values tradition while embracing contemporary style.

Incorporating an ascot cravat from Texture Ties can transform a conventional suit or tuxedo, showcasing your keen attention to detail and admiration for classic fashion. The white paisley design is remarkably adaptable, pairing well with a variety of suit colors, from traditional black and navy to lighter tones like grey or beige. The intricate pattern introduces a layer of visual intrigue, ensuring your attire stands out amidst conventional ties and bowties.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, an ascot cravat conveys confidence and a flair for the dramatic. It indicates that the wearer is unafraid to make daring fashion choices and possesses a confident sense of style. The way you tie and wear your ascot can further tailor your look, whether you prefer a relaxed drape or a tightly secured knot. Complement it with a matching pocket square or cufflinks to elevate your ensemble, ensuring every detail reflects your sophisticated taste and refined flair.


White Paisley Ascot

Pattern: Paisley

Material: Microfibre

Model: WP51


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